Information for

international students

Information for

international students

Prerequisites for studying

In addition to a good knowledge of German, you will need a qualification for university entrance to study in Germany. That is a certificate that would permit you to study.

However, universities in Germany may also have other requirements. For example, certain courses or several universities have additional requirements regarding grade point averages or language ability.

Please also take note that closing dates for applications differ. You should, therefore, get as much detailed information as possible on the admission requirements for the course of studies you have chosen.

Points of contact on such questions are mainly the international offices and and the students' offices at the universities.

How good is your language ability?

So that you can be admitted on a study course, you must have sufficient knowledge of the language. The usual certificates for this are the DSH or the Test DaF. In principle, both examinations are on a par, however, for some courses, there are special requirements in the examination result.

The DSH is taken at the local university. Preparation also takes place there.
The Test DaF is slightly different from the DSH. There are test centres all over the world so that you can already take the examination in your country.

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Aptitude Tests

For certain degree programs, you will also need to meet specific subject requirements. Applicants for subjects such as art, music or sports usually have to pass an aptitude test. English-language master's programs often require the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System). In addition, some subjects may require a preparatory internship or work experience. Check with the international office or the student advisory services at your university to find out whether an aptitude test is required or recommended for your degree program.

In addition, there is the TestAS. It is a central standardised aptitude test for international students. TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. With good results, they can improve their chances of being admitted for studies at a German university.

Are your qualifications recognised?

Many foreign matriculation examinations are recognised in Germany. In this case, you can be admitted directly to a course of studies – provided that you have sufficient knowledge of German.
For students applying from certain other countries the matriculation examination from their country of origin is not sufficient. For example, to be able to apply to study in Germany you must have already studied for two years in your country of origin, or they must take a so called assessment test. The admission rules for the assessment test also vary – sometimes the applicant must also have already studied for one year in his or her country of origin.

If you have already completed your degree in your country of origin, then, as a rule you will be able to study in Germany. However, not every international graduate with a bachelor qualification is admitted to a German master's course.

The Academic Evaluation Centre (in German: Akademische Prüfstelle/ APS)

For some countries it is mandatory to get their authenticity certificates before submitting applications for a German student visa. It it also required for applications to study at a German university.

The Academic Evaluation Centre (in German: Akademische Prüfstelle/ APS) is an institution-specific to studying in Germany. In general, students from India, Vietnam, mainland China, and Mongolia are required to go through the APS due to a large number of applicants. The APS certificate confirms that your documents are genuine and valid and that, consequently, you are eligible to study in Germany. Put differently, if your application for the APS certificate was successful, you will receive the certificate with which you can apply for a German student visa. The APS certificate is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Advice: Students sponsored by German or EU funded scholarships need not apply for an APS certification.

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