Information for

international students

Information for

international students

Enrolment at the university

Only after the enrolment or matriculation, you are allowed to participate as a student in lectures and to take exams.

Find out exactly when the deadline of enrolment will be and which documents will be necessary. They may vary from university to university.

At the very least you will need:

  • notification of admission
  • proof of lawful health insurance in Germany
  • your passport with visa/ note of residence
  • receipt of your payment to the Student Organisation
  • a passport photograph
  • possibly original certificates

After enrolment, you will receive confirmation of matriculation and a student ID card. This often gets you reduced prices – for the cinema, sport, or museums.

tutor tip

Anne-Sophie, Studentenwerk Magdeburg

Take your time. It takes a while to get used to a different country. Don’t get discouraged and stay interested.