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Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses must clarify additional important questions in the preparation for their studies in Germany:

  • Where is there accommodation with easy access?
  • Is there an assistance service at my chosen university?
  • How much does it cost?

The most important questions are:

  • Where do I get the support I need?
  • Who pays?

Unfortunately in Germany there is no system comparable with that in the United States for students with disabilities.

Most German universities offer little or no technical or personal support. They are rarely equipped to cater for disabled students without outside help.

As a rule, international students with disabilities do not receive any support from the German State in order to cover their extra costs. Therefore it is particularly important that disabled students from abroad clarify and secure their financing in advance. Grants do not usually cover the extra costs incurred through disability! Participants of EU-exchange programmes can apply for allowances for specific additional requirements.


Authorised representatives for the interests of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses
At almost all universities and in many Studentenwerke there are authorised representatives for the interests of students with disabilities and chronic illnesses. They provide information on all university-related questions, for example on offsetting possible disadvantages in conditions of study and examination regulations and on easy access to university buildings.

Get in touch with the authorised representative for students with disabilities as part of your preparation for your studies! They can help you find the answers to your questions.

Important points of contact for students with disabilities are the Studentenwerke. They offer rooms with easy access in student accommodation and advice at social helpdesks on questions such as health insurance.

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