Deutsches Studentenwerk

Meals and more!

The Studentenwerke offer a wide range of tasty and healthy food in their refectories. 

Mensa am Westring des Studentenwerks Schleswig-Holstein

Mensa am Westring des Studentenwerks Schleswig-Holstein

You can't study on an empty stomach!

The Studentenwerke offer a variety of modern catering facilities with their refectories, cafeterias, restaurants, bistros and coffee bars - for students, university staff and guests of the university.

The service offered by refectories and cafeterias is based on the manifold requirements of their guests and increasingly takes into account cultural and religious anomalies. In most refectories there is a daily choice of several different meals; the menu is international. Apart from European dishes many refectories cook exotic food and it is quite normal to find vegetarian meals on the daily menu.

While the classic refectory is open mainly at lunchtime, the cafes offer a tasty range of sweet and savoury snacks as well as smaller meals and, of course, a large choice of hot and cold drinks.

The so called "Mensaterien", a cross between a classic refectory and a cafeteria, are also very popular. Here guests can usually get "student food" from early in the morning until late at night.

"Eat and meet"!

Catering on campus is an important part of university life and not just because of the tasty food: the refectories and bars are also a social meeting point for students. Whether you're having lunch or just a quick coffee in between you can not only eat and drink, but also meet people and find out the latest news.

The refectories are well visited by students and are regularly well rated - that goes for international students, too: around 45 % of international students are regulars in the Studentenwerke's refectories.