Deutsches Studentenwerk

Advisory service

Most Studentenwerke offer two types of consultation: social advice and counselling. Furthermore, in a few Studentenwerke there are special advisory offices for international students. The consultation is usually free of charge, un-bureaucratic and completely confidential.

Social advice

The social advice office of the Studentenwerke is responsible for all questions to do with social and employment law. Even if most international students in Germany cannot claim for state social benefits, it is still worth contacting the social advice staff. Here you will find information on jobs, right of residence and tenancy law and different types of insurance, especially health insurance. Moreover, the staff of the social advice service can help students if they have problems with the authorities, e.g. the aliens department. They give valuable tips on the subject of pregnancy and managing your studies if you have a child. They can help with financial difficulties, for example applying for a grant or a bridging loan or money from the emergency fund.


The counsellors of the Studentenwerke are experts on the phase of life as a student and can help with examination nerves, learning difficulties and motivation problems. If you find it difficult to speak in public or suffer from writer’s block, you will find advice and support here. Even in personal crises, such as loneliness and homesickness, difficulties with parents or partner, anxieties or problems of addiction, the counsellors are always ready to listen. They offer not only personal advice in one-to-one interviews but also workshops on subjects such as revision, ad-lib speeches or relaxation techniques.