Deutsches Studentenwerk

Universities and Studentenwerke

The German university system has a distinct division of responsibilities. The universities are responsible for the academic education and the Studentenwerke - often also called Studierendenwerke - for the economic social infrastructure around studying. Universities and Studentenwerke are officially independent institutions, but they do work very closely together.

In Germany there is a total of 57 Studentenwerke some of which are responsible for several universities in different university locations. The Studentenwerke run refectories and cafeterias, provide rooms in student accommodation and help students with many advisory services.

Many Studentenwerke have developed special offers for international students. For example, with the Servicepaket ("Service Package") international students get accommodation, meals and health insurance coverage. At some universities the Studentenwerke run a Newcomer-Service and information centres especially for international students. In student accommodation the house tutors help students to familiarise themselves with everyday life as a student in Germany.

How do you find "your" Studentenwerk? That's easy! On the right hand side of the page you will see "Search for Studentenwerk". Enter the location of your university, e.g. "Kiel", and straight away you will see which Studentenwerk is responsible for you.

The Deutsche Studentenwerk, which provides this online information for international students, is the umbrella organisation of 57 Studentenwerke.