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Studying in Germany

In Germany there are 240 state and around 100 private universities. Basically the different types are: universities and universities of technology as well as technical colleges, art, film and music colleges and universities of applied sciences. German universities are manifold and diverse. The roots of some colleges, especially the universities, go back to the Middle Ages; others were founded after the Second World War.

The range of study courses is very diverse. Of a total of 14,500 courses, around 8,700 are undergraduate courses which lead to a university qualification. The remaining 5,800 courses lead to a higher university degree. The classic German degrees Diplom (degree), Magister (master's) and Staatsexamen (state examination) are to be changed to the international qualifications of Bachelor and Master.

The universities in Germany are open to students from all countries. Currently in Germany there are about two and a half million enrolled students, 350,000 of them are international students. With over 10 % international students Germany is one of the world's favourite places to study! 85 % of international students arrange their stay in Germany themselves and 15 % via an exchange or cooperation programme.


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