Deutsches Studentenwerk

How are you going to finance your studies?

In order to get a visa you must be able to prove that you can finance your studies.

The German authorities assume a certain minimum amount which you must have at your disposal each month. At the moment this lies at 861 Euros per month or 10.332 Euros per year. However it is possible that proof of a higher amount might be asked for.

Proof of financing can be shown in different ways.

In principle the following ways are possible:

  • The sufficient income and/or assets of parents are proven.
  • An amount is deposited as security onto a blocked account.
  • You receive a scholarship from a recognised grantor.
  • Someone living in Germany guarantees the Aliens Department that they will bear the costs for you.
  • You receive financial support according to the German student's financial aid programme (BAföG).

Do not underestimate the proof of financing. It is more than just a bureaucratic hurdle; you should make sure that even after the first year of your studies you have a certain amount of financial support to fall back on.