Deutsches Studentenwerk

Documents you should take with you!


  • Passport/visa
  • Several passport photos
  • If necessary, international driving licence or a German translation of your driving licence



  • Certificates from your secondary school and - if available - college/university with a certified translation
  • Proof of financing
  • Notification of admission or confirmation of application from the German university
  • Language certificates
  • Confirmation of public or private health insurance
  • Birth certificate
  • Vaccination card



  • Promise of grants
  • Statement of income and assets from your parents
  • Credit card, traveller's cheques
  • Enough cash - especially in the first few days and weeks you'll have numerous expenses!


You should reckon with the following expenses:

  • Rent: on average ca. 250 Euro per month
  • Deposit: max. three months' rent
  • Health insurance: approx. 70 Euro per month
  • Fee for the Student Organisation, depending on the university: 60-250 Euro per semester
  • Aliens Department fees: sometimes there is a charge for the issue of a first residence permit, in Munich for example, 50-60 Euro
  • Bedding and other basic equipment for your room/accommodation: 100-150 Euro