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Searching for a flat on the independent housing market

Whoever does not wish to live in student accommodation or does not get the offer of a room will have to search on the independent housing market.

As a rule accommodation on the independent housing market is more expensive than student accommodation. Moreover flats and rooms in Germany are almost always unfurnished, which means extra costs for furniture. In addition landlords demand a rent guarantee/deposit of three months' rent at the beginning of the term of rent. So, when you first start to rent your expenses are rather high. The deposit is returned to you when you move out of the flat providing you leave it in an orderly condition.

Offers of flats and rooms can be found in daily newspapers, for example, on notice boards at the universities and on online accommodation markets.

Nearly all Studentenwerke act as an agent for flats or rooms on the free housing market, so it's well worth paying them a visit!

You will also find commercial accommodation agents, e.g. the "Mitwohnzentrale" (letting agencies) and estate agents, but they do charge a fee. Be sure to ask first what it will cost!