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If you wish to study in Germany you need health insurance. Without it, you cannot be enrolled. So, as soon as possible after your matriculation, you should take out health insurance.

You are obliged to insure yourself until you are 30 years old. At worst case, if you do not have insurance you could be barred from studying.

Many Studentenwerke offer Servicepakete for international students which, besides accommodation and meals, may also contain health insurance.

Choosing health insurance

In Germany there are two kinds of health insurance, compulsory/public and private. Basically, up until you are 30 years old you must have compulsory health insurance. Private health insurance is only allowed in exceptional cases. Please note: once you take out private health insurance you cannot revert to public health insurance!

In most cases the public health insurance is the more reasonably priced version anyway - unless you are covered by your parents' private health insurance.

You can get more advice from the social help desks in the Studentenwerke or the academic international offices at the universities.

Recognition of foreign health insurance

With some countries, such as members of the European Union and the European Economic Area, Germany has a social security agreement. As long as you have public health insurance at home you can get this insurance coverage approved by a public health insurance company in Germany. But make sure you clarify at home which documents you will need to take with you! For students this is usually a European health insurance card (EHIC). Your insurance company will usually issue the EHIC free of charge.

An important note: As soon as EU- or EEA-students take up a part time job or a paid internship, they have to apply for German health insurance. Only a few countries offer to keep students insured when they take up a part time job or a paid internship. Ask your insurance provider about it.

It is possible that your insurance will not cover all costs in Germany. Before you enter the country make sure you know exactly what services you are entitled to in Germany.

Sometimes private health insurance from other countries may also be recognised in Germany. You should clarify the exact details with your insurance.

If your private health insurance is recognised then for the purpose of your enrolment at university you will need confirmation that you are exempt from taking out public health insurance. But be aware that for the duration of your studies you cannot change to public health insurance!

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