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Just arrived?

During your first weeks in Germany you will have a lot to sort out. You must register your living address with the authorities and get your visa converted into a residence permit. You also have to take out health insurance and you cannot miss the deadline for enrolling at university!

Many Studentenwerke offer help at the beginning of your stay in Germany:

At several universities the Studentenwerke run a Newcomer-Service which makes finding your feet in Germany much easier. This service may include a pick-up service from the train station or airport, central contact points and information desks, special advice and tutorials and help with administrative aspects. Similar help is sometimes offered by the academic international offices of the universities.


Many student accommodations offer tutors who are available to help international students. In addition, many Studentenwerke offer a Servicepaket which covers accommodation, health insurance and meals and often leisure activities and advice, too. This helps you get your studies off to a good start.



The actual enrolment or matriculation at university occurs after your arrival at your place of study. You must arrive in Germany in good time for the beginning of term.



Just as all Germans do, international students must register their place of residence at the registration of address office / citizens' administrative office.



Many international students have to apply for a residence permit for a longer stay in Germany. This is particularly necessary if you enter the country on a visa.


Health insurance

Whoever wants to study in Germany needs health insurance. Without health insurance you cannot be enrolled.


Making a good start

What you should bear in mind for a smooth start in Germany.


Get in touch

As soon as possible after your arrival you should get in touch with the academic international office of the university and the advisors for international affairs at the Studentenwerk.