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[Translate to English] Wohnheimtutoren stehen ihren Kommilitonen aus dem Ausland mit Rat und Tat zur Seite

In many places tutors in student accommodation, or sometimes mentors from the Studentenwerk, are available to help international students. Their function differs from Studentenwerk to Studentenwerk. Most often the tutors are the point of contact for international students, but also sometimes for all residents in the house, or for all international students at one university location.

The work of the students' tutors and mentors is aimed at improving the living conditions of international students by helping them to settle into their new surroundings as quickly and comfortably as possible. Tutors and mentors inform and look after international students, fetch students from the train station or the airport, help with administrative aspects and organise cultural events.

There are accommodation tutors in two thirds of all Studentenwerke. In 40 Studentenwerke there are a total of over 600 student-house tutors who support international students. More than half of the tutors have themselves come from abroad to study in Germany; most of their German colleagues have already spent time in another country.

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