Deutsches Studentenwerk

Become a tutor

To become a tutor, at most Studentenwerke you must apply in writing to the person who manages the tutor programme. In some student-houses, tutors are part of the students’ self-administration. Whoever is interested in being a tutor can put himself/herself up for election at the house plenary meeting at the beginning of term. More information is available directly from your Studentenwerk!

What we are looking for:
In order to be able to help your fellow students from abroad, you need to have studied for a few terms already and know your university and its location well. Good German and foreign language knowledge is important; experience abroad is an advantage. If you find it easy to approach and make contact with others, and you like to organise things, then a job as a tutor could be just the right thing for you.

How you benefit:
As a tutor you can gather international experience without having to go abroad. You work in an international team, train your social and cross-cultural competencies and get to know lots of young people from all over the world. What’s more, nearly all tutors receive an allowance for their commitment in the form of financial payment, a rent reduction or an extension of their entitlement to accommodation. Another plus for all those who have a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany: the work as a tutor does not count towards the 120 full or 240 half working days allowed – they can be carried out in addition.