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So, you would like to study in Germany? The Deutsche Studentenwerk has compiled the following information especially for international students to support you along the way.

The Deutsche Studentenwerk is the umbrella organisation overseeing the 57 Studentenwerke in Germany. The Studentenwerke are partner organisations of the universities and support around two million students with help and services regarding their studies.


coronavirus pandemic: Information for international students

International students who have been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine not approved in the EU must present a negative test for presence at the German university.
In addition, the STIKO (Standing Committee on Vaccination in Germany) recommends these students to be vaccinated again with an approved vaccine: (page 8).

Further relevant information for international students and applicants can be found here:

Multilingual information and practical tips on the coronavirus in various languages can also be found at:

Your local Studentenwerk or Studierendenwerk will advise you on financial, social and legal issues, even during the corona crisis.


If you're planning to study in Germany, there's a lot to sort out first. How do I pay for it? How well do I have to speak German? Where do I have to apply?

On arrival

Just arrived? You have a lot to do! Register with the authorities, enrol at the university - our information helps you to get the most important things done quickly!
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During your studies

Make sure you have fun too! Apart from studying you should get in touch with other students - at university there are all sorts of different opportunities to do this.
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Finishing your studies

Congratulations on your degree! But what happens next? Find out about help to return home and what the possibilities are for staying in Germany.

Studentenwerke are great partners!

It doesn't matter where you study in Germany - a Studentenwerk is there to help you. Your Studentenwerk advises on financial, social and legal questions and offers inexpensive accommodation and good food for those on a tight budget.