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How to finish your studies

Towards the end of your studies a new phase begins. You should start to get ready for the job market. Many universities have set up Career Services that provide information on the employment market and hold various seminars. You can learn the proper way to make job applications and training for interviews is also often available. Make use of what's on offer!

The Studentenwerke are also helpful partners during this phase of studies. They frequently offer financial support. If you suffer from examination nerves or writer's block you can turn to the psychological advisory service of the Studentenwerke for help.


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Help with financial difficulties, loans  

Returning home

Make sure you are well prepared for your return home! Before you leave you still have to sort out a few things in Germany. Students from developing countries can sometimes claim financial help.


Staying in Germany?

A number of international students stay in Germany once they have graduated. Some students go on to specialise on a postgraduate course, others try to find work in Germany.