Deutsches Studentenwerk

During your studies

The Studentenwerke are always there to give you support during your studies. They offer inexpensive accommodation and in the refectories and cafeterias of the universities they make sure students can get healthy and cheap meals.

With a wide range of information and advisory services they accompany students from the beginning to the end of their studies. In doing so, each Studentenwerk has its own strong point. Social advice is one of the standard services. For example, many Studentenwerke also offer psychological help with examination nerves. In many cases child care facilities are provided. Often, tutors are available to help international students.

Find out what your Studentenwerk has to offer!


Don't forget to get your residence permit extended regularly! To do this you need to go to the Aliens Department in the town where you live.


Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory! You need it to enrol at university and to extend your residence permit.



Lots of international students work in order to finance their studies. But how much are you allowed to work? What kind of contracts are there?


Leisure time

What can you do to enjoy your leisure time?